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 My work seeks to inspire celebration and reconnection between all that is natural. It is time to live more deeply connected, sustainable and respectful

lives, recalling and respecting our unique but vulnerable position on this Earth.

Through works of public art, events and 2 dimensional designs I seek to promote the protection, preservation and celebration of Mother Nature, whilst directing awareness and support towards all those who strive to defend her.

Go out

Value nature & the health of the planet above all else. Go out of doors at all hours. Seek the wild. Immerse yourself in nature, inside and out. Remember, you are not separate from nature, nor nature from you. Explore your environment with curiosity.


Appreciate your role in supporting others. Identify & highlight others' abilities. Seek & improve open collaboration. Support & nurture community wherever you may be in life.

Do unto

Treat others as you would have them treat you. Reuse, recycle, reimagine - everything we need has already been produced. Produce & purchase only what is truly necessary. Champion ethical & considerate production.


Embrace change and remain open. Try something new. Explore your way of thinking & experiencing the world. Respond to unexpected turns in life & embrace the freedom of adaptation.


Recognise what truly matters to you & defend it with individuality & pride. Respond with a cause in mind. Act with resolution, morality & consistent honesty. Appreciate & respect how influential you are in this world.


Life is to be celebrated. Seek out magic. Be courageous in your character. Proudly celebrate your individuality & encourage individuality in others. Do not be afraid to show off, or ever hinder other beings' self expression. 



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